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PolicyNL is currently hosting its inaugural event – Navigating the Peaks and Valleys of Policy Development. The event consists of a series of workshops in December 2012 and January 2013 where we explore some of the common challenges that face all policy practitioners and how we can begin moving forward to address them. Additional detail on the workshops is set out below. After the workshops, all participants will come together at the plenary event in March 2013 where we will integrate the ideas from the workshops and identify priorities to guide PolicyNL activities and plans for the coming years.

This event has been organized by invitation only due to limited space. However, if you have any interest in learning more about the event or would like to discuss potential participation, please contact policynl@gov.nl.ca.


  1. Broadening the Perspective - Effective consultation and engagement for public policy development
    • Description – This workshop will examine the critical role of gathering the input, expertise and perspectives of others and collaborating for sound public policy development. From consulting and working in partnership with other departments and stakeholders, to hosting public consultations and consulting and partnering with other Governments, policy practitioners must regularly look beyond their offices to communicate, consult, and collaborate.
  2. Bridging the Gap - Integrating implementation. monitoring and evaluation into policy development
    • Description – The implementation and evaluation of policy decisions is critical to ensure that policies achieve their intended purpose and are able to deliver value for money. This may include deciding upon the most appropriate policy mechanism (e.g. program), monitoring whether the approach is working and how it can be improved midstream, and identifying any unintended consequences or new issues that have arisen. This workshop will explore how to take these issues forward and the importance of integrating them throughout the policy development process..
  3. Towards Consistency and Quality - Planning your policy development process
    • Description – In a dynamic and fast paced policy environment, policy practitioners are asked to identify potential policy issues and navigate complex policy development processes. This workshop will explore the foundational steps to a sound policy development process, such as identifying and understanding the core issue, assembling a project team, and identifying the key processes and policy documents that may need to be prepared.
  4. Grounded and Reflective Policy – Taking Account of Context in Policy Development
    • Description - Policy development and policy decisions can be influenced by, and can affect, the social, cultural, historical and economic context of the province. This workshop will explore how policy practitioners can ground their policy development work in the context in which they are situated, and what approaches or tools they may use to challenge accepted wisdom and generate new ways of thinking.
  5. Informed Decision Making - Developing a sound evidence base for policy recommendations
    • Description - As policy making becomes more complex, decision makers need access to high-quality, viable policy proposals based on sound evidence.. This workshop will explore the current challenges and ways forward to identify and plan for your information needs e.g. gathering, synthesizing and presenting data and information so that it is useful for policy development, and determining the best means of sharing it for the benefit of others.


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