Further Discussion on Generating Policy Alternatives

How to Develop Policy Options

  • If no policy exists, begin from generic alternatives.
  • If there is a current policy, use it as a base and then gradually modify components of current policy. That is, add, reduce, substitute, combine or split, eliminate, reorient, switch, new components, approaches, resources, modify timing, try different forms of financing, etc.
  • Develop typologies, use analogies and/or metaphors.
  • Compare the various alternatives with real experiences or with an ideal situation.
  • Consult with experts and stakeholders (brainstorm, debate, use mail surveys, public hearings, focus groups, formal and informal meetings, etc.)
  • Specify a range of alternatives that include at least: Maintain or modify the current system. Apply a policy design that has been tried and tested in other settings
  • Create a new one.
  • Use current policy as base.