PolicyNL will always be a work in progress. We invite your feedback on our efforts in bringing people together to exchange ideas, tools and resources which will enhance the policy development work they do. We promise to be responsive to suggestions which fit with our overall vision and purpose. We are also interested in hearing about the policy development methods and tools you employ, and what you are doing to strengthen the policy development process. More importantly, we hope that you will use PolicyNL to share these ideas with each other.

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Other Online Policy Communities

IPAC’s Public Sector Without Borders

A dynamic online IPAC community for new and experienced public sector professionals and academics and students of public administration and policy across Canada and around the world”. Register through IPAC’s website.

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One of the benefits of a professional network is that members are able to access the expertise of their colleagues; and to consult and share ideas which will improve the work that they do.

In May 2013, PolicyNL launched a virtual marketplace where members can create profiles of their skills and areas of interest so that those in our policy community of practice can identify and support each other. To be notified when we launch this and other enhancements, and to be kept informed of PolicyNL events, please register as a member of our network.